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This week, Nexera celebrates the coming of Spring by releasing its brand new Taxi Collection.

Taxi Bedroom Collection from Nexera

As a mom and furniture lover, I’m pretty excited about what Taxi has to offer.  Not only is it refreshing to see these trendy yellow accents over white finish, but all the smart features Nexera included in this collection are very promising for the very-busy-do-it-all-super-women a.k.a moms out there.

Let me show you…

First, Taxi offers lots of storage with its one-of-a-kind chests and headboards featuring  mobile storage trunks; perfect to easily throw in all the toys, stuffed animals, sports gear, shoes, books, etc. your kids have everywhere in their room.

Taxi Chest with Storage Trunk from Nexera Taxi Chest with Storage Trunk from NexeraTaxi Night Stand with Storage from Nexera Taxi Mobile Storage Trunks from Nexera


The Taxi desk comes with an optional bench (sold separately) that can also act as a mobile storage trunk or as a night stand.  The desk is also mobile, so you can pull it out of the corner when your kids want to beat you at Battle Ship or play board games with friends.

Taxi Playroom Storage from Nexera Taxi Playroom Storage from Nexera Taxi Desk and Bookcase from Nexera Taxi Bedroom Set from Nexera


Taxi also gives you the option to use its twin and full size storage beds with either slim or wide matching headboards, depending on the space available and your budget.

335338 335438 Lit54pTeteSlim_AB

Can you tell I’m totally in LOVE with Taxi!?

For more details, watch the collection trailer here : or visit

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