3 Reasons a Corner TV Stand is Right for You

If you live in a condo, a townhouse, a small apartment or a cute little house, you know that every inch counts!

Nowadays, we all want to make the best use of our living space so here are 3 reasons why you should get a corner TV stand.

1.    A corner TV stand is ideal for smaller TVs.

And as a matter of fact, you don’t need a huge TV in your regular-size living room.  A flat screen TV of around 40-inch should fit the bill perfectly while most corner TV stands accommodate TV’s up to ± 40”.

2.    A corner TV stand allows you to use space you wouldn’t use otherwise.

Keep the wide living area available to play with yours kids, get a bigger comfy couch or finally get that treadmill out of the closet and put your TV on the corner stand it deserves!

3.    Corner TV stands don’t look like your grandma’s furniture anymore.

There are plenty of contemporary corner tv stands available in-store or online, at very affordable prices, so you don’t have to trade your style for more functionality – you can have both!

Here are some examples of nice looking corner TV stands Nexera released recently:

Corner TV Stands


We put a corner TV stand in our family room and we LOVE it!  You should try it too! You might be surprised of the result!


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