Where are you, Spring?

Yay, Spring is here! And we’re expecting more snow today, tomorrow, the day after, and the other, other day after the next one, and again. Yay.

If you live in the northern part of North America, like us, you’re probably starting to be sick of this never ending winter season. So, what better way to get rid of our seasonal blues than to add some bright and refreshing Spring colors to our home?

I know that’s exactly what I plan to do this weekend!

Here are some of my favorite findings so far – all posted on our Pinterest Board along with many others: http://bit.ly/1d8j09d

I’m not a DIYer, but I really want to try and do this colorful and so welcoming front door mat…

I have a gazillion arts and crafts projects at home that I don’t know where to put… It would be quite easy and refreshing to see them hung on the wall instead of stored away in a random drawer…I bet my son would be quite happy about it too!

I could also simply add 1 bright color chair with a few matching decor accents and voilà! a brand new look for my breakfast/lunch area.

With all these colorful decors, I almost forgot about all the snow that’s still everywhere in front of my window…

What are your tips and tricks to freshen up your decor this Spring?   Share your suggestions in the comments area below!

Happy Friday everyone!


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