Trend alert: the key rules for a great Scandinavian style

A true decorating philosophy, the Scandinavian style is recognized for its clean and simple aspect. No extravagance on the horizon! Scandinavian style decoration refers to Swedish or Finnish furniture from the 1950s and represents the strong link between Scandinavia and nature. The light colors harmonize perfectly with the wood, a noble and warm material.

One of the key features of the Scandinavian style is the combination of light colors to enjoy a maximum of brightness and to create an impression of space in a room. The key is to maintain consistency with light colors while avoiding contrasts. Also, an important watchword for accessories and furniture: the “minimalism”, to keep a clean look in your decor. Remember, everything is about balance!

On point with this style is our multi-purpose Domino Collection, perfect with its matte white lacquer and natural maple finish that gives a pure & minimalist ambiance to your room. The Domino Collection is offered with a choice of a 60-inch TV stand/storage and a bookcase with 4 storage spaces which 2 are closed with doors. Furthermore, the two wall units complete well this scandinavian & playful collection.

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