Trend alert: modern minimalist decor is here to stay

Getting back to basics and getting rid of the non-necessary clutter are part of the simple rules to achieve a sleek and sophisticated decor. Beyond doing wonders for your sanity, this basic approach to interior design can go from monochromatic minimalism to laid-back luxury. Same as the no-makeup makeup look, it’ not as simple as it seems to be a natural. To help you kick things into place, here are a few steps to follow to get the modern minimalist design you are such a fan of.

It’s all about the base color. Firstly, you need to create a neutral background by choosing a color that’s easy on the eyes and infuses a sense of calm. Next, clear all surfaces of superfluous items by eliminating what is unnecessary and keeping the essentials, the rest can be stored away. The other challenge is to implement the ‘one in one out’ philosophy. You will be surprised how much clutter one person can acquire. Also, to prevent a minimalist room from being boring, add different textures by staying in the same color palette. Finally, keep it simple has to become your mantra.

Nothing easier than to recreate this trend in your home with our Galleri Living Room Collection, perfect with its neutral black tone and clean lines that give a timeless ambiance to your room. Tuck away movie-night essentials or add your favorite potted plants to create a modern yet cozy look in the open shelf areas with this trendy & minimalist Galleri Collection. The front drawer & door panels have a modern twist with a linear construction detail that brings effortless depth and texture in a matte black lacquer finish. This collection offers a choice of 60 inch or 72 inch TV stands that can be paired with the audio tower for extra storage space.


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