#NexeraStyle: 5 Steals from the Web

Each week, we spend lots of time surfing the web looking for new ideas and creative inspirations for upcoming Nexera furniture collections.  Here, we’ve gathered some ideas we totally stole from the web because they were just too good to pass up and, since they were so good, we thought we’d share them with you too! Continue reading

Collage from Nexera
District Queen Size Bedroom Set

3 Stunning Bedrooms that won’t Break the Bank

At Nexera, if there’s one thing we share with you, our customers, it’s the love for modern design and trendy home decors. We want a high in style home, but don’t want it to break the bank, because… you know…we also like to buy clothes, shoes (lots of them!) and go to the restaurant to show off our new Spring waredrobe.

So we figured we should come up with brand new bedroom collections inspired by high end designs we all love, but with our unique Nexera spin: make them smart, trendy, affordable and ship them straight to your door.

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Melrose Queen Size Bedroom Set
KIT 400649

Nexera Spotlight: Arobas & Next Collections

If you’re like us, you surely appreciate new home office decoration trends.

We definitely don’t miss the old fashioned, huge, dark home office suites that were…let’s face it, oh so boring.  Nowadays, work environments are inspiring, desks are simple yet multi-tasking and paired with fashionable storage furniture, they turn into our new favorite room to get things done.

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Nocce from Nexera
Taxi Collection from Nexera

Your Taxi is Here

This week, Nexera celebrates the coming of Spring by releasing its brand new Taxi Collection.

Taxi Bedroom Collection from Nexera

As a mom and furniture lover, I’m pretty excited about what Taxi has to offer.  Not only is it refreshing to see these trendy yellow accents over white finish, but all the smart features Nexera included in this collection are very promising for the very-busy-do-it-all-super-women a.k.a moms out there. Continue reading

Where are you, Spring?

Yay, Spring is here! And we’re expecting more snow today, tomorrow, the day after, and the other, other day after the next one, and again. Yay.

If you live in the northern part of North America, like us, you’re probably starting to be sick of this never ending winter season. So, what better way to get rid of our seasonal blues than to add some bright and refreshing Spring colors to our home? Continue reading