Our Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day will be here in 10 days, meaning it’s time to start thinking about an amazing gift to win your mom’s heart as her favorite kid!

We have put together a smart gift guide to help you in your quest by carefully picking items that are from Quebec based compagnies such as Mode Choc, Zaxe and Giant Art that we absolutely love.

Here is our guide based on 3 different decor styles: Scandinavian, Rustic Chic and Mid Century. Good luck!


To the Sea Canvas, Giant Art, click here.

Vintage lantern, Mode Choc, click here.

Jardinier vase, Zaxe, click here.

Nordik Vanity/Desk, Nexera, click here.


Peonies Canvas, Giant Art, click here.

Set of wall vases Trigg, Zaxe, click here.

Blvd Vanity/Desk, Nexera, click here.

Cactus cushion, Mode Choc, click here.


Wall quote, Mode Choc, click here.

Agate Canvas, Giant Art, click here.

Dynamite Royal cushion, Zaxe, click here.

Alibi Vanity/Desk, Nexera, click here.