Go Back to School…In Style!

We know, everyone is talking about Back to School which means summer is almost over and this is NOT fun.

What’s more fun, is using the dreaded back to school season as a reason to shop for brand new, refreshing, trendy furniture that will make your kids’ homework space or your home office area compelling and functional.

Still don’t believe it can be this fabulous? Check this out!

Liber-T Collection from Nexera

Liber-T Collection, in white and walnut

Liber-T Collection from Nexera is fresh and inspiring.  If you like generating creative concepts, brainstorming on new ideas, or simply providing your young ones with a great homework space with lots of storage, that’s the one for you.

Sereni-T Collection from Nexera

Sereni-T Collection, in black and ebony

Sereni-T is a more serious and sleek version of Liber-T.  With their modular design, both collections let you create a 2-spot work station very easily.  Perfect if you have 2 children, or if one needs a little help and motivation while doing his homeworks.  It is also ideal if you and your roommate – or your better half – both need to get work done at the same time.

Atelier Collection from Nexera

Atelier Collection, in natural maple and ivory

Atelier is another smart option that looks great and does wonders when it comes to do more with less.  Its mobile table can be pulled out from under the desk anytime you need more work space. And when you’re done? Put it right back under it so you don’t waste any living space.

See, the Back to School season will never be the same once you start personalizing your home office area with fun and attractive furniture.  Creating an efficient work space where you will enjoy working and/or studying is one big step in the right direction to enjoy what you’re doing and keep at it!

PS: Online shopping is another activity you will also enjoy in your new home office. 😉

Your Nexera Team | nexeradistribution.com