Get Your Home Trendy in 2015!

Every beginning of year is marked by new color trends which by themselves only, can create a unique atmosphere.  Depending on the color tone chosen, they can be: energizing, comforting, soothing or refreshing.

At the top of the list in 2015: Orange, yellow and blue.

You will find oxidized tints, earthy or rusty browns, beige and golden yellows as well as green foliage which are inspired by earth and nature.  Soft pinks and diverse tones of blues are influenced from the water and atmosphere.

couleurs 20150

Collection Allure de Nexera

Allure Collection

Collection Taxi de Nexera

Taxi Collection

Collection Stiletto de Nexera

Stiletto Collection















Rest assured, all the ‘shades of grey’ remain very popular in 2015.  Less oppressive than black and more ‘’chic’’ than white, grey is sober and elegant.  It adapts easily to all atmospheres and to all rooms.

Collection Radar de Nexera

Radar Collection (April 2015)











For relaxed and quiet decors you could select delicate neutrals, soft pastels and washed-out tints which will provide the desired effect.

Collection Blvd de Nexera

Blvd Collection


You’re hesitant to let these new colors in your home?  A good advice, find color samples or apply the color on a large cardboard, move it in your environment to see how it lights up and reacts in your home decor ; it’s the best way to know if it really suits you!

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