Crush of the moment: M2GO

Welcome to our first article in our ‘Crush of the moment’ section!

Each month, we will make you discover our favorites in the furniture and decor industry, whether it be a company, a designer, a website, in short anything that inspires us at that moment! For now, let’s have a close up on a great canadian e-retailer with a team that is passionate about furniture and affordable decor: M2GO. For this article Nexera x M2GO, we interviewed Isabelle Gauthier, Marketing Coordinator at M2GO, to deep dive and learn more about this great Quebec retailer!


How was M2GO founded?

“ M2GO was founded in 2015, by a young and passionate team with a desire to make Canadians discover the potential of affordable decor. We wanted to show that in Quebec, we can have effective and efficient online shops that can compete with the American giants. It was precisely after visiting a Quebec furniture factory that we were inspired to seize the opportunity and launch the business.”

What is your business philosophy?

“Our business philosophy is based on four core values: simplicity, inspiration, complicity and efficiency. We want to offer a simplified buying experience and personalized service, while keeping the prices as low as possible. We firmly believe that it is possible to have an inspiring home without having to pay astronomical sums. Design should not be a matter of means and we want to make it accessible to all our customers.”

You have a service center in Montreal, what is it for?

“ We obviously believe a lot in new technologies, but we remain convinced that human contact is essential and that is why we have a physical service point in addition to the online store. We want to meet our customers to help them choose their furniture, whether by offering styling advice, showing samples of colors and materials or presenting our demonstrators. All accompanied by a good hot espresso. ”

What is your most popular product category?

“ Our mattresses and bedroom furniture are very popular! These are also the two categories where we can count the most – made in Quebec and in Canada – products, so we are always very proud to be able to offer local products to our customers! ”
What is the secret of your success, how do you differentiate yourself?

“ We are simple people with common sense and we believe that offering an exceptional and personalized shopping and after-sales experience allows us to differentiate ourselves from the great American players which have services that are automated and impersonal. The future of retail is definitely online, but supported by a human approach, and that’s exactly the way we stand out. ”

What is your next big project?

“ We are preparing for a major commercialization phase, as well as the opening of our second service center in Quebec. We can not say more for now, but follow us to stay tuned! ”