Crush of the moment : Mode Choc

Welcome to our ‘Crush of the moment’ section where each month, you will discover our favorites in the furniture and decor industry, whether it be a company, a designer, a website, in short anything that inspires us at that moment! Now, let’s discover Mode Choc, which was primarily a family story. For more than 35 years now, the Quebec company has been prioritizing customer satisfaction by offering a wide range of quality products, from clothing to decoration, at an affordable price. Read on to find out more about this fabulous Quebec retailer!

Where did you get the inspiration to create Aubaine Choc in 1983?

“Raymond Roussy created the Aubaine Choc store in 1983 to meet the needs of the people of Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean. He wanted to offer fashionable products at the best possible price to dress the whole family and at low cost. Always with the aim of satisfying its clientele as much as possible and thus adapting to its needs, Mode Choc revised its offer at the arrival of the second millennium. The opening of several new stores, the addition of well-known brands as well as its online presence through a transactional website, all contributed to the company’s evolution. ”

Based on the experience you have in fashion, what motivated you to open a deco-only store?

“We already have a decoration department in each of our stores. These departments offer home decoration products at low prices and are very popular with our customers. That’s why, when an opportunity arose in the Quebec City area, we seized it!

More specifically, it is a micro boutique of 3 000 ft² that offers decorative products in addition to a dedicated space on our online store. Thus, the customer can easily see the extent of our offer. Indeed, they can also make purchases at in addition to having a space dedicated to the reception of these orders without any delivery costs. ”


What are the trends of the moment in decoration that you notice?

“The very purified and monochrome spaces are more and more popular and trendy. White and textured materials such as linen, velvet or wool are often part of the composition of these decors.

Cactus are also popular lately. They are found in many styles and sizes. They add color and zest to a room, and at a low cost.

Another style of decor that seems to be here to stay is the chic cottage style! Fur, wool or knit throws, Buffalo plaid cushions and wood products are featured in this perfect space for a peaceful cocooning moment! ”


Your blog on is diverse and very lifestyle, what is your source of inspiration for these great articles?

“Our customers are our main source of inspiration. We try our best to answer most questions our customers may have. That’s why we go through several topics: fashion or deco trends of the moment, tips and tricks to better manage family life, our fashion inspirations or news about the company. Our blog allows us to cover most of the aspects in our client’s universe. ”

What is your biggest success?

“The simple fact that we can still meet the needs of many families today through our product offering is our greatest pride and success. Our team works hard to provide products that are useful and practical to our customers and we are proud of the quality of our products that we offer at competitive prices. ”

How do you envision the evolution of Mode Choc?

“We are always open to new opportunities. We want more than anything to continue to grow the company and strongly believe in the work of our team! ”

For more info, check out their website, blog or Facebook page!