Crush of the moment : La Pièce

What made our heart beat this month is a website that is in fact a must in the design and housing industry in Quebec. The goal of this platform is to make life easier for design enthusiasts by inspiring Quebecers in their renovation, construction and decoration projects while highlighting local materials and products. Now, let’s discover La Pièce! For this article Nexera x La Pièce, we interviewed Marie-Pier Bélanger, co-founder of La Pièce, to learn more about this reference in the Quebec design industry!


Where did you get the inspiration to create La Pièce?

“Being a professional interior designer, my clients often brought me pictures of their dream decor seen on American and European websites. Very inspiring but not very realistic for their budget. Nevertheless, I would still run the stores to try and find similar products. One evening, before a good dinner with my partner Azélie, we asked ourselves the question: Why not get inspired by people from here? We have so much talent that we can highlight! Our ultimate goal: make inspiration accessible and achievable by promoting local products.”
Was La Ruche, a crowdfunding platform, a leverage to launch your project? Would you recommend it to new entrepreneurs?

“We did a fundraising campaign with La Ruche to help us finance our first website. What a beautiful experience! We managed to raise $ 30,000, a lot of good advice from influential Quebec entrepreneurs and we had some great meetings. We recommend it without hesitation.”

In your magazine section on Lapiè, I see that you have collaborators, how does that work?

“Our blog the MAGAZINE works marvellously. You remain informed about the new trends, the tips and tricks, the advice of our pros with our blog the MAGAZINE. Every week, our collaborators and our editor publish articles to share you their expertise and make you discover local companies. Our members can collaborate free of charge in our blog to offer themselves the additional visibility. We also have editors who can draft promotional tickets on companies and\or products, services.”

What is your biggest success?

“In my opinion, our biggest success is our whole company. We worked hard to build this project and we knew how to differentiate ourselves! We are proud of our progress and our success.”

To stay tuned with the latest news and trends visit their website and Facebook page.

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