Nexera Spotlight: Arobas & Next Collections

If you’re like us, you surely appreciate new home office decoration trends.

We definitely don’t miss the old fashioned, huge, dark home office suites that were…let’s face it, oh so boring.  Nowadays, work environments are inspiring, desks are simple yet multi-tasking and paired with fashionable storage furniture, they turn into our new favorite room to get things done.

Keeping up with the trend, Nexera offers 2 new home office collections to answer consumer’s needs who, like you, are looking to pair style and fonctionality in the same room.

Here they are, our new Arobas and Next Collections!

Arobas Collection from Nexera

Arobas Collection

Next Collection from Nexera

Next Collection

Both collections share the same goal of being practical and aesthetical all at once. While Arobas is steeped in serenity with its pure white finish, Next Collection is more dynamic and modern, with a slick combination of black and walnut finishes.

On the practical side, both collections offer smart and simple features: storage drawers with compartments and wire grommets, filing cabinets of different sizes with flexible storage, reversible media bookcases with wire management and adjustable shelves, and more.

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In 2015, offer yourself a compelling work environment that matches your style and truly makes your work life easier and more enjoyable. Our Arobas and Next Collections are definitely a first step in the right direction.

Your Nexera Team /