5 Tips to Make Your Small Space Bigger

You live in a small home and you don’t know where to start with decorating your interior. Finding ways to do more with less should be your key goal to make the space feel bigger and lighter.

Here are 5 tips to help you make the best decisions and turn your small space into a fabulous one. 


Typically, small homes are short on storing elements. That’s why it’s so important to find furniture with lots of storage to limit clutter.  For example:

  • Coffee tables with integrated drawers or shelves
  • TV stands featuring drawers or doors 
  • Storage beds with drawers underneath and bookcase headboards, especially if you don’t have room for a dresser or an armoire.


Avoid bulky furniture

Favour more delicate and smaller scaled furniture that doesn’t block your view from one area to another, such as open-sided bookcases and coffee tables. Such airy pieces will fill your room with comfort and utility without making it look congested.

Multi Purpose

Look for multiple uses: An ottoman is great, but an ottoman with hidden storage is even better. Day beds are wonderful as they provide seating and sleeping options.

Think of your furniture as being mobile and multipurpose and choose the ones that are easy to pick up and move around to suit different purposes. Atelier Collection below is a good example; it features a mobile table that can be hidden underneath the desk when not in use.


Go vertical

Use the space up to the ceiling whenever possible – shelves and storage that have a small footprint but are tall can really help in a small space.

Don’t forget to add a huge mirror! There is no better addition to a small space than a well placed mirror!  It’s a well known trick that a clever placement completely transforms a design scheme, bouncing light back around the room and creating the illusion of more space.


There are no rules but… to be creative!

Think outside the regular use of furniture and you will find new convenient applications for other rooms.

  • Using a dining room sideboard in the living room, gives you extra cupboard storage. 
  • A bedroom vanity becomes a convenient compact laptop desk when closed, ideal for casual browsing.

Happy online shopping!

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