5 Tips to Divide an Open Space

Want to create a separation in a room and need ideas? You know there are various alternatives or solutions, but have difficulty in choosing? These tips are for you!

Whether if it is to create two distinct living spaces in one, add intimacy or hide less attractive elements, it is important to identify the goal at the beginning of your project in order to apply the best solution.

1) Furniture

Furniture doesn’t have to absolutely be placed against a wall; it can also stand in the middle of a room to create two different spaces. For example, a console table or an opened shelving unit placed behind your sofa will separate the living from the dining room and act as a structuring and decorating element between them while also adding convenient storage.

graphic-area-rug-with-white-and-grey-color-tone-wide-glass-wall-white-wide-curtain-white-architrave-single-chair-and-white-roof-945x650 aea391448b27bd3a131bc35ab7f44a3dfurniture-living room

Dare and move your furniture around; this clever and free trick turns out to be one of the most effective!

2) Carpet and floor coverings

Choose a carpet to give the impression of a bigger room and to suggest a division. The carpet unifies the elements in a specific area  and creates a comforting atmosphere.

Additionally, try to work with several products for the floor coverings like wood and ceramic to create an illusion of two distinct rooms.

Heinz-Julen-Loft-Zermatt-Switzerland-High-Ceilings-Modern-Fireplace  Kitchen with a window in a ceiling_004

3) Panels and sliding doors

When space allows it, the use of doors and sliding panels is recommended.  Sliding panels will turn out to be great temporary walls and will add to your home decor.

While not taking up any space, sliding doors will structure a room and also isolate it from sound, sight or smell.

divide_and_conquer xSliding-door-room-divider-5.jpg.pagespeed.ic.o1PomMVQxO

4) Folding screen

Practical and removable, the folding screen is an essential to separate a room without dividing it. It can be made of wood or fabric and can be chosen to fit all your needs.

Griffin-4-Black-Panel-Room-Separator-with-White-Canvas curtain-room-dividers-nyc

5) Curtains

Easy to install, curtains are versatile; you can open and close them easily and they will create a defined space at a low cost.  Furthermore, they can be transformed and offer great flexibility when it comes to patterns, colors and different materials.

Many of us love open spaces but decorating them is sometimes quite challenging; we hope these tips will help you make the best decisions for your home!

Your Nexera Team | nexeradistribution.com