3 Types of Lighting for a Comfortable Home

Did you know that lighting is an essential ingredient for a inviting atmosphere and to liven up the inside of your home?   If you are looking for a small budget makeover, this is a great way to start.

Light can modify perspectives, change colors, emphasize objects and even increase efficiency. To do so, combine these 3 types of lighting in each of your rooms.

Ambient Lighting

It is the main light source in the room; it illuminates the entire space and sets the tone. Ideally, it will be equipped with a dimmer so you can dim lights as needed.

Choose a ceiling-mounted light, a chandelier, a central suspension or even recessed lights.

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Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting creates an inspiring and warm atmosphere and comes from table lamps, lampposts, wall lamps, etc.

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Direct Lighting

Used for illuminating specific work surfaces, counters, beautiful picture frames, special objects, etc.  Lighting tracks (spotlights), undercabinet lighting and desk lamps are most suited for this type of lighting.

Living and dining rooms are probably the most important rooms of your home since that’s where you spend most of your time.  It is important to have good lighting in order to spend quality time with your family.

You should also avoid placing a lighting spot directly on a chair; even if it will be emphasized, this beam of light will become very annoying for the person sitting there.

As for bedrooms, functional but not aggressive lighting is required to enhance comfort and peace. Multiply light sources so that every use has its own. Note that you will not need a powerful central lighting which would be too harsh on the eyes for this type of room.

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Now, without further delay, go around your home and make sure to add these 3 types of lighting in each room: it’s a simple yet effective way to improve your decor!

Nexera Team  / nexeradistribution.com