3 Stunning Bedrooms that won’t Break the Bank

At Nexera, if there’s one thing we share with you, our customers, it’s the love for modern design and trendy home decors. We want a high in style home, but don’t want it to break the bank, because… you know…we also like to buy clothes, shoes (lots of them!) and go to the restaurant to show off our new Spring waredrobe.

So we figured we should come up with brand new bedroom collections inspired by high end designs we all love, but with our unique Nexera spin: make them smart, trendy, affordable and ship them straight to your door.

Melrose, District and Acapella are the 3 bedroom collections we are very excited to present to you this week.

Melrose Queen Size Bedroom Set District Full Size Bedroom Set Acapella Queen Size Bedroom Set

Paired with a different set of nightstands and chests of drawers, our white platform beds with panoramic headboards turn into different moods:

  • Melrose: young and modern, this black & white collection is contrasting and full of dynamic personality.
  • District: this urban and sleek collection proposes a timeless design and a relaxing environment.
  • Acapella: trendy and cozy, this collection’s Ebony finish brings a rich and warm touch to the entire bedroom.

Offered with a choice of full and queen size beds and a selection of 4 or 5-drawer chests, our new bedroom collections adapt to your specific needs and space requirements.

So go ahead! Splurge into a brand new trendy bedroom set this Spring and keep shopping for that new exquisite pair of shoes too 😉

Your Nexera Team / nexeradistribution.com