3 Steps to Fit a Large TV in Your Living Room Decor

Ok, so your boyfriend decided to buy this huge flatscreen TV because ”yours was waaaay too small” – according to him.  Now, here your are, wondering how to make this big Bertha fit into your elegant livingroom decor… don’t worry, we got you covered!

1 – First, consider wall mounting your boyfriend’s brand new acquisition.  If you can do so, it will lighten the look of your entertainment set and give a more aerial feel to it. Depending on the room setting, it can also help get your viewing experience to be as natural and comfortable as possible.

Viewing Height

Viewing Distance

Source: http://bit.ly/HowToWallMount

2 – Whether or not your flat screen TV is wall mounted, one important fact remains: you need to select your entertainment furniture so it counterbalances the size of your screen.  Here, we simply paired 2 identical Avenue TV Stands side-by-side so our flat screen TV didn’t look oversized compared to what’s underneath it.

Traffic Collection from Nexera

Traffic Collection

3 – Finally, also consider framing your boyfriend’s infamous flat screen TV with simple modules or decorative pieces at the same height as your screen.  Whether they are also wall mounted or simply laid over existing furniture – think wall units, floating shelves, frames, mirrors, a big vase, etc – they will help harmonize your flat screen TV into your living room decor and make it a whole.

Allure Collection from Nexera

Allure Collection

Blvd Collection from Nexera

Blvd Collection

I hope these few suggestions helped! Visit us at www.nexeradistribution.com for more ideas and inspirations for your living room decor and much more!



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