Trend alert: the key rules for a great Scandinavian style

A true decorating philosophy, the Scandinavian style is recognized for its clean and simple aspect. No extravagance on the horizon! Scandinavian style decoration refers to Swedish or Finnish furniture from the 1950s and represents the strong link between Scandinavia and nature. The light colors harmonize perfectly with the wood, a noble and warm material.

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Crush of the moment: Marc Boudreau

Welcome to our ‘Crush of the moment’ section where each month, you will discover our favorites in the furniture and decor industry, whether it be a company, a designer, a website, in short anything that inspires us at that moment! For now, let’s discover Marc Boudreau, an industrial designer who has many years of experience under the belt. For more than 15 years, he has been working in the design industry for the creation of residential & urban furniture, park games and various utilitarian objects before launching his own studio in 2002. Among other things, he created our newest entertainment furniture collections: Damask and Paisley. Read on to find out more about his creative approach!

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